• One-on-one, face-to-face 20-minute virtual meetings with exhibitors
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  • Access to African and Indian Ocean Islands property & service providers including:
    • Accommodation
    • Experiences
    • Inbound operators
  • You are in complete control of your availability for meetings
  • The same easy to use platform, no additional software required
  • OurAfrica.Travel is free & designed to accommodate meetings during your office hours, as much as possible, in your time zone.
  • Africa and Indian Ocean Islands come to YOU – completely at your convenience
  • No travel costs & environmentally friendly / carbon neutral
  • Ability to communicate & network via chat function
  • Social stream for sharing of information
  • Nominate a cause – support to give back
  • Free destination training on 25 destinations by The Africa Hub
  • Prizes to be won!

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I thought it was an excellent virtual event – it allowed buyers and exhibitors to select who they met with which was really helpful.


Very easy platform; maybe 20 minute meetings to add a little time, felt a little rushed at times since we had not spoken to suppliers for some time.

Jessica Oballo

Loved everything about OurAfrica.Travel! To be able to stay connected and learn was just awesome! Thank you SO much!!!

Gail Woloz

Fantastic Exhibitors, very professional, prompt had great products and very prompt in sending their products the very next day , though they had meetings for the week . Great choice of exhibitors

Seemaa Makhija

Loved an opportunity to meet with smaller/niche suppliers and uncover “hidden gems”. I also loved the time flexibility (opportunity to block off time slots that didn’t work). I also loved being able to schedule my own meetings vs. being assigned suppliers and time slots. I think the process was extremely easy, seamless, and well thought-out

Inga Kalinichenko-Cenatiempo

The flexible schedule made it possible to attend even with limitations. All but one supplier made the scheduled appointments and, although 15 minutes is fast, it’s a good time to make things front of mind. It would be nice if you could download a pdf with the suppliers and their descriptions. Maybe that was possible and I missed it.

Sari Gartner

I liked the ease of scheduling meetings and the video meeting platform. However, it was difficult to coordinate schedules in different time zones, for instance, I received many meeting requests for times that were impossible for me to accept (12 a.m., 2:30 a.m.). Also, I would have liked to have had access to the people’s emails I was meeting with in advance.

Liz Boudreau

Liked the variety of exhibitors from all over Africa and the easily navigable platform / Timing displays sometime show times in CAT, sometime in the user’s time zone – would be great if the timings could be standardized to show the user’s time zone at all times

Paul Papineau

I liked that there was new product that you don’t always see at the shows in person. Probably due to the high cost to attend. I didn’t like that I could not see the other’s contact information and had to ask for it in the chat.

Kylan Falk

I found the meetings to be very productive and informative. Time well spent! It was an opportunity to meet with new suppliers and re -engage with existing partners.

Mary Ann Ramsey

the flexibility to choose the appointments yourself and not having a requirement of a minimum number of appointments, so the value of the selected meetings was very high

Rene Roseburg

Congratulations!! the trade show was spectacular with good suppliers and the news of the continent Africa.

Daniel Gozalo

The video meetings worked flawlessly for me – that was great.

Stephanie Rudolph

Loved how many people were presenting, a really amazing range. I found elements of the platform hard, like certain people in the message tool who when I could not find who they were exhibiting with- eventually there was a way to click through and see who they were but it seemed so sensitive and it took me ages

Dervla Pinto

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

― Ibn Battuta