A&E Marketing Southern Africa

Operates in:

South Africa



We do marketing representation for privately owned, owner-run, and owner-managed properties all over Southern Africa.

A&E Marketing Southern Africa is divided into Two portfolios
The A&E Unique Portfolio
The A&E Gems Portfolio

A&E Marketing Southern Africa’s vision is to give more of a variety to Tour Operators and Tourists to experience Southern Africa and all it has to offer from 3- and 4-star Resorts, Hotels, Guesthouses, and Lodges to 5 Star luxury Travel experiences to blend them all in for a real variety of accommodation and experiences.

The A&E Unique and Gems portfolios are truly stunning collections of privately owned Accommodation and Experiences in South Africa’s hotspots. Excellent accommodation plus the addition of thoughtful, personal touches, friendly advice, and those caring extra miles that can only come from involved owners and dedicated staff, make your stay particularly rewarding!