African Safari Collective

Operates in:

South Africa


African Safari Collective was founded in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we came together with the same overriding worry, not for ourselves but our teams, our people, our family, and the beautiful and fierce creatures of Africa. We realised that if we falter, her people and wild areas would be at risk. So, ASC was born, by a group of like-minded independent collaborators who knew we could go #FurtherTogether as we preserved the wilds and bettered the lives of our communities while delivering our guest’s safari dreams.

Born out of a shared vision, our 5 founding members, united in their passion for Southern Africa and sharing our spectacular journeys and diverse biomes and regions’ countless different experiences with you. Makakatana Bay Lodge – St Lucia, KZN Fugitives Drift Lodge – Rorke’s Drift, KZN Leopard Mountain – Manyoni, KZN Three Tree Hill – Bergville, KZN Fairview House – Plettenberg WC.