AHG Hotel & Resort

Operates in:

Zanzibar, Madagascar, Cape Verde



Hotel management & marketing company with several years of experience in the hospitality and leisure segment. It combines hospitality with exclusive and personalized services, every day creating a tailor-made and winning formula.

Hotel Management & Marketing

AHG Hotel & Resort currently includes in its portfolio Hotels and Resorts, Relais, and holiday apartments in some of the most beautiful corners of the world.

At its core, it includes a hotel management unit, dedicated to the development and value enhancement of each individual property, respecting the local environment, traditions, and sustainability, thus guaranteeing a unique quality standard. It promotes a hospitality formula mainly focused in the name of Italian style and combined with a strong international vocation that distinguishes certain services. The main objective is to allow each structure to provide a quality offer combined with a valuable experience that can be memorable for its guests.

A business unit made up of a team of young and experienced professionals, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to the promotion and marketing activities of each property, supporting its partners in defining a successful strategy.

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AHG Hotel & Resort works daily to identify new investment opportunities and select accommodations all over the world. If your accommodation has a strong appeal, able to offer a valuable experience, join us. Together we will build a successful strategy.

You can rely on AHG Hotel & Resort, our team of professionals, through careful analysis and listening to your every need, will support you to achieve the set goals together.

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