Babanango Game Reserve

Operates in:

South Africa


The team here at African Habitat Conservancy (AHC) is turning 22,000ha of wilderness into a fully-fledged game reserve with its first conservation project – Babanango Game Reserve. Underpinned by African Habitat Conservancy’s commitment to sustainably support conservation through the upliftment and education of communities, the ongoing work being done at Babanango is as much about people as it is about the place. Sustainable tourism is very much a part of our conservation model and plays a valuable role, in generating revenue streams and empowering the Emcakwini, KwaNgono, and Esibongweni communities through job creation, skills development, and training. Thus far we have managed to create 158 jobs on the reserve, 113 of which are filled with people from our local communities and 107 of which are permanent positions. In addition, 51 temporary jobs have been created. The Babanango Game Reserve will be seeing a variety of games including more Big 5 species introduced in 2021.