Genuine Morocco

Operates in:

Morocco, Tunisia


Genuine Morocco presents to our guests personalized Morocco tours that include contemporary culture, art and artisans, hidden gardens, spectacular food, wine tasting, and cooking along with in-depth visits to classic monuments and amazing Morocco cities.

We have been around for almost two years developing a strong reputation for providing an extraordinary experience by combining must-see classic sites with experiences in contemporary Morocco.

We are different in the sense that:

  • We offer tours that include an introduction to Moroccan street art as a way of understanding the contemporary Moroccan culture
  • We schedule tea with artists in their studio
  • We schedule lessons with artisans – such as tadelakt and Zellij hands-on workshops
  • We book unusual luxury riads
  • We include both 4 and 5-star hotels
  • We encourage and schedule a beach relaxation of 1-2 days before heading home.
  • We offer trained Moroccan guides and drivers with knowledge of many languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, German, and English
  • We train our Moroccan guides to assure that the guest experiences are what they are led to expect.