Emboo River

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Feel one with nature and allow innovation to elevate your stay at Emboo River.

“Emboo River is leading the way to carbon neutral travel. By applying innovation and technology, we are offering guests a luxurious stay in the centre of nature during which guests only leave a positive impact behind.”, says Loïc Amadò, co-founder of Emboo River

Emboo River is the first lodge in Kenya and beyond that has its entire fleet of Safari Vehicles powered by solar energy. Glide through the grasslands, listen to the roar of a leopard and the songs of birds and enjoy the scents of the savanna. Your guides (and our guests) can now use all their senses while guiding, increasing chances of spotting animals and witnessing special moments in nature.

Emboo River’s sustainable operations also include farm to fork meals from an organic hydroponic garden, prepared on biogas generated by the lodge’s organic waste, rain showers overlooking nature with solar heated water, lagoons with local wetland plants that filter and recycle 100% of waste water, sunset cocktails and tasty bitings in the heart of the savanna created with local ingredients and no single use items in sight, a tree planting project called ‘Rooting for our Future’ allowing guests to leave their mark, a refreshing swimming pool with zero chemicals and a stunning view over the savanna, and so much more.