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Our intimate lodges and camps are settled within the natural wonders of each region without sacrificing comfort and service. The elegant Katambuga House with lush gardens and a pool in Arusha is an oasis of tropical tranquility and a destination in its own right. Olmara Camp, home of the cheetah and wildlife photography dream location, is in the remote Ngare Nayuki River Valley and provides a base of luxury tented suites that merge seamlessly into the environment of acacia groves, grasslands and rocky outcrops. Kisima Ngeda Camp, nestled in a fever tree forest with its palm-thatched tents, offers a further wilderness adventure through the overnight Ombako Private Fly Camp that is set up on the eastern shore of Lake Eyasi for a night under the stars. The Esirai Camp is luxuriously light and moves alongside the grazing Wildebeest as they make their epic 600km crossing of the vast plains, offering an unrivalled African safari adventure. Olkeri Camp is home to great Elephant herds, and replete with views of woodlands, rocky hills, and shaded by gnarled old-growth Baobab and Acacia, offering the ultimate freedom to explore day and night.