Footsteps in Africa

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Footsteps in Africa is a collection of independently owned and run camps, lodges and tourist integrated services in Northern Botswana. Our collection focuses on affordability, authenticity, adventure, and comfortable accommodation, with the emphasis on diversity of wildlife, activities, culture and landscapes.

Our main focus is on the experiences that we offer our guests. We believe that our guests should experience everything that Botswana has to offer by getting their feet on the ground and experiencing it first-hand with people who are passionate about sharing it. We Immerse our guests in the wondrous landscapes of Botswana while guiding them through the experience of viewing wildlife and interacting with and learning the ways of the gentle and wise local people.

We understand that ‘Africa’ and Botswana is often a bucket list item and we want every guest to leave not only with their bucket list ticked, but also with an overflowing bucket full of memories of the experiences that they have had.

We encourage all visitors to have variety and diversity in their itineraries, not only in different regions, camps and lodges, but also through a multitude of activities and complimentary but different adventures. Combine game drives with walking safari and big game with the smaller things while immersing one’s self in culture and wildlife. Allow your guests to leave the country feeling like they really have experienced what it has to offer.