Operates in:

Botswana, Eswatini, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe


InventTour is a central database for African tourism industry, connecting all layers of the travel trade by allowing suppliers to efficiently update, manage and distribute their rates and information, and increase their exposure to the global trade.

With each supplier being provided with a comprehensive, user-friendly agent zone, suppliers are able to create and manage detailed rates tables which include STO and contract rates, which can then be allocated to the relevant agents and operators.

Agents and operators are able to immediately access a database of properties, to increase their product range, and to easily find relevant booking information, including their STO and contracted rates.

InventTour for suppliers:

1. InventTour provides suppliers with an easy-to-use system for loading and distributing their rates and information to the global travel trade.
2. Suppliers can allocate specific nett rates and confidential information to relevant operators and agents with the click of a button
3. The platform updates a public-facing website, providing exposure to the trade as well as the consumer.
4. Suppliers can expand their source markets and customer base by accessing the database of agents using the system.
5. The system streamlines the process of distributing rates and information, allowing suppliers to keep their rates up-to-date and reach relevant sales consultants.

InventTour for agents and operators:

1. Agents can immediately access a comprehensive database of properties and destinations, along with relevant trade-specific information, with a single login.
2. This information can be used to calculate quotes and build itineraries for clients.
3. Agents can search for special offers and expand their product offerings to provide suitable options for their clients’ holidays.
4. The platform streamlines the information-gathering process for agents and operators
5. Agents can access STO and contract rates as allocated to them by suppliers