Journeys Namibia

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Journeys Namibia is the managing operator of a collection of well-appointed lodges in Namibia.
From our Classic Portfolio of Mid-Market Lodges to High-End accommodations, all offering a personalized, authentic and exclusive experience. Our lodges offer a diverse and different take on Namibia for our guests, from visiting the Fish River Canyon to the Skeleton Coast or experiencing the warm hospitality of the 100% community-owned lodges in the Damaraland and Western Etosha, Journeys Namibia offering a home away from home.
The vision is to promote a sustainable tourism industry by forging sound partnerships with like-minded individuals who value the same conservation aspirations as we do and who share our passion for the land and its inhabitants.

Our Lodge Portfolio includes:
Fish River Lodge
Grootberg Lodge
Hoada Campsite
Hobatere Lodge
Shipwreck Lodge