Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

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South Africa



Far away from the city lights, in a vast open space where rock formations frame the horizon, there is a place where lovers of nature can experience a truly unique environment. Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers an escape back into natures’ embrace. Located in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape, our aim is to provide visitors with the opportunity to indulge in this increasingly rare experience. Out here, the air is clean and crisp, the only humming noises are those of bees pollinating the indigenous fynbos and the only high-rises are the awe-inspiring rock formations that dot the landscape. We didn’t have a hand in creating this wondrous place, but we do our utmost to preserve its pristine ambience, so others can also enjoy the restorative properties of time in these spellbinding surroundings. ‘Cave’ Suites, naturally integrated with dramatic rock formations and ‘Hut’ Suites, fashioned after the Sans’ traditional home dwellings of the past, offer every comfort to guests. The Main Lodge provides: a cosy Restaurant for dining experiences; Bar facilities to enjoy mid-day refreshment; a luscious Spa to unwind and relax and a plunge pool from which to admire the open skies. Guests can also explore the Reserve on a Guided Nature Drive, learn more about the fascinating history of the Khoi and San on a Rock Art Tour or enjoy a nightcap with refreshments and a pastel-hued sunset on a Sundowner Tour. Kagga Kamma also offers an ‘Open Air’ experience. Couples can enjoy a soothing massage in Kagga Kamma’s ‘Open Air Spa’, with uninterrupted views of the landscape, or spend the night in one of two ‘Open Air Suites’. Here, couples are treated to an evening of absolute bliss with a private boma and comfortable bed in which to lie and gaze at the Southern Cross and Milky Way above. Kagga Kamma: a wondrous encounter with the natural world that can only be fully understood once you’ve experienced it for yourself.