Kamba African Rainforest Experiences

Operates in:

Republic of Congo


At Kamba African Rainforest Experiences (formerly Congo Conservation Company), we create wilderness experiences in the Congo Basin that introduce this remote and barely-visited region to our guests. We operate three lodges in Odzala-Kokoua National Park – Ngaga Lodge, Lango Lodge, and Mboko Lodge -from which our guests embark on authentic and deeply personal immersions within a pristine and fragile ecosystem through our signature Kamba Journeys.
The biodiversity found in Odzala-Kokoua National Park is awe-inspiring; it is home to vast stretches of untouched rainforests, some of which have remained unchanged for thousands of years. These forests are teeming with an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, boasting globally significant populations of western lowland gorillas and forest elephants, as well as over 430 bird species and more than 100 mammal species. Kamba was founded to support primatology research and conservation, backing scientific endeavors in the Congo Basin through our founder’s support of the research station at Ngaga, led by renowned primatologist Magdalena Bermejo, and with partners such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, which deepens our guests’ understanding of biodiversity and helps protect threatened species.
Our unwavering commitment to protecting the Congo Basin guides everything we do at Kamba. Our Journeys and low-impact tourism initiatives ensure our guests experience the Congo in a way that’s rare, privileged, and truly life-changing while generating sustainable economic opportunities in the Congolese rainforest ecosystem, enhancing the destination’s ecotourism monetary value to prevent logging, mining, poaching, and other destructive enterprises. Although we only welcome a few hundred visitors each year, every guest plays a crucial role in helping us preserve 1.3 million hectares of rainforest, savanna, and winding wetlands which are globally significant carbon sinks, in addition to providing vital support for primate research, sustainable tourism, and local community development initiatives.
For those who crave a profound and unique communion with nature, Kamba offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with it and bear witness to the captivating allure of Africa’s remote landscapes. A visit to Odzala-Kokoua National Park opens the doors to a world beyond mass tourism for the adventurous traveler seeking a unique and transformational wilderness experience.