Kantabile Afrika

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Kantabile Afrika is a portfolio of boutique safari camps in Tanzania, conceptualized and built by the proprietors with eco-friendliness and regenerative values in mind, run by the proprietors with love and passion. Currently, there are 2 camps in its portfolio, both located in Serengeti National Park—Cherero Camp is located in the central-western region while Aurari Camp is located in the northern part of the park close to the Mara River. Both camps are characterized by meticulous interior design and a commitment to providing guests with exceptional experiences. The spacious tents at Cherero Camp and Aurari Camp are adorned with beautifully handcrafted furniture and décor made locally, with gorgeous hardwood flooring and over 500 square feet of interior living space. The in-suite lounge, elegant bathroom, and luxurious bedding are just the beginning. Meals are made-to-order using fresh, local ingredients by talented chefs. Stunning vistas, magnificent cuisine, and unparalleled guest services complete the ultimate bush experience.