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Karibu Camps & Lodges – your gateway to the untamed landscapes of Tanzania. An exceptional array of exquisite camps and boutique lodges, our sanctuaries are beautifully nestled within the majestic settings of the legendary Serengeti National Park and the awe- inspiring Ngorongoro Crater – two of Tanzania’s most iconic destinations.
At Karibu Camps & Lodges, we strive to offer the perfect blend of luxury and wilderness, interweaving every moment of your stay with the thrilling pulse of the African wild. We pride ourselves on providing not just world-class accommodations and unparalleled facilities, but in curating enthralling experiences that resonate deeply and linger long after your sojourn with us.
Strategically situated in regions brimming with resident wildlife, each of our properties ensures your Safari experience is immersive and year-round. From thrilling game drives and magical balloon Safaris to intimate bush dining experiences, we craft a rich tapestry of engagements that bring you closer to the heart of the wild, offering a remarkable journey steeped in authentic African charm.