Ndutu Safari Lodge

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Ndutu Safari Lodge is the oldest lodge in Tanzania, a traditional safari lodge in an outstanding wildlife area famed for its homely warmth and generous hospitality. It is an incredibly reasonably priced lodge that has consistently delivered on service and experience ensuring its success over the decades.

It has been a meeting place for avid wildlife lovers for over 50 years and is one of the most respected lodges in East Africa. Comprising 34 stone and thatch cottages extending from a central bar dining area the lodge is steeped in history and offers peace, tranquillity, and exceptional wildlife viewing throughout the year.

Dec-March – Migration Season – Ndutu is a hub for the migration and it is here where the wildebeest have their babies. In turn, you will witness incredible predator hunting behaviours which have to lead to some of the finest wildlife filmings as seen on the likes of the BBC and Nat Geo.

April – December – Predator Season – Ndutu welcomes guests particularly keen on enjoying close encounters with the resident predators who remain when the migration moves on. This is a quieter time in the area as the temporary camps move on to the north which means you enjoy world-class wildlife viewing without other vehicles. This is the preferred time of year for specialist guides seeking peace and quiet!

Ndutu now offers a game package and short 2-hour walking safaris with our resident expert guide.