NoveNove Farm

Operates in:

South Africa


NoveNove Farm is a place that differs from the usual African lodges: this is home, your home.

Purchased in 1999, and over time expanded and refurbished to accommodate friends and family, NoveNove Farm is a “small” private estate of approximately 300 hectares a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Johannesburg Airport. It is located on a plateau of about 1700 meters high, in a malaria-free area called Waterberg. The sun falls every night right in front of the heated pool and large terrace, giving us incredible sunsets. On the land’s property, you can find giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and many other animals that can arrive right in front of the house.
We are different from a Lodge because Novenove Farm it’s exclusive for our guests, a maximum of 10, and because every day we organize different activities apart from the game drives that we can decide to do anytime.

Our lives are hectic, we work at a higher speed, technology advances and creates addiction, smog ages us, cities deafening us, thoughts are stressing us. The above is not existing at NoveNove Farm.

Whoever comes here is looking forward to getting away from all this and much more, because you want to stop and breathe, enjoy your privacy reading a book while sitting on the porch without anyone disturbing you. Maybe you want to focus on future projects or just spend “quality time” with your family.

The feeling of space and freedom, the colors of the sunsets, the vegetation of Africa, the summer flavor of ripe mango, the barefoot walking on the grass, the perception that it’s always an adventure like finding zebras in front of the house or a chameleon looking at you with its independent eyes … all this is here and truly unique, it’s magical.