Olepangi Farm

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Set on the foothills of Mt Kenya, Olepangi provides a beautiful, tranquil space for our guests to re-connect with nature, with themselves, and the special people in their life. The Olepangi community is one of warmth; an embrace into a world where the day-to-day busyness of life can be forgotten. Rural and remote: the perfect place to be right now.

Olepangi Farm offers a haven for travellers seeking a true sense of place in their surroundings. Totalling 120-acres, the farm has astonishing views of Mt Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa at more than 17,000 feet. Owner run and managed, our guests enjoy the tranquillity of our gardens, join our gardeners on their daily routine, play croquet, relax by the pool, have a massage down on the river, milk the cows, ride the horses, join a community walk with the legendary Mr. Kariuki and enjoy the vast number of books collected over the years and art from our travels around the world.

With Lolldaigas, Ol Pejeta, Ngare Ndare, Samburu, and Mt Kenya on our doorstep, our location is perfect to explore the riches of the Laikipia bushland, forests, and bustling markets, leaving us in the morning after a hearty breakfast and returning for one of our signature G&Ts by a roaring fire.

We welcome our guests into our little family.