Upendo Zanzibar

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Upendo Zanzibar – intimate stylish escapes.

We aim to be a brand that goes beyond a collection of hotels & restaurants.
We aim to empower & develop the island while keeping its authenticity.
The Upendo Experience is a promise of an unforgettable stay of sheer relaxation, privacy & comfort living harmoniously with local communities & the environment.
Whether you want to relax on an idyllic white sand beach on the South East coast or explore the historic UNESCO city of Stone Town, we aim to make your stay unforgettable.

Upendo Beach is a stylish boutique hotel that delicately combines exclusive private villas with a social restaurant, bar & pool area while maintaining & advocating sustainability & conservation principles at its centre. Upendo House is a boutique hotel situated in the heart of a UNESCO heritage city, Stone Town, and a stone’s throw away from the main waterfront. Stylish and intimate, the 8 rooms are a delicious blend of authentic details in a contemporary design.