Walkers Plains Camp

Operates in:

South Africa


Discover a collection renowned for it’s commitment to excellence, with Walkers Plains camp and Walkers Beach at the forefront,
Indulge in the raw beauty of the African bush with Walkers Plains, a family owned-and-operated bush camp that offers a truly unique experience. With decades of combined experience as guides, twin brothers Steve and James Walker have developed an intimate connection with the African bush and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.
Alternatively, relax in the tranquil oasis of Walkers Beach on the captivating shores of Plettenberg Bay, with it’s luxurious accommodations, stunning uninterrupted beach and sea views and seaside relaxation is an art form elevated to perfection.
Our guiding principles are firmly rooted in the three pillars that define our ethos: family, nature, and the delivery of exceptional experiences characterised by personalised attention and superior quality.
Regardless of your chosen adventure, rest assured that an extraordinary experience awaits.