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Mobile Expeditions

Mobile Expeditions – by Jack Swynnerton

Mobile Expeditions Mara Camp is very excited to be a part of a larger family portfolio, boasting some of the big industry names, including Sirikoi Lodge which is owned and run by Caro’s mother Sue Roberts. Safaris are a part of life for Caro and Ross, our owners, and it comes from growing up providing some of the world’s greatest accommodation. Ross and Caro are also very lucky to run Samatian Island, an island safari paradise available for exclusive use on Lake Baringo. We are able to put together incredible favourable safari itineraries bringing together family properties to give an unforgettable, well-rounded experience for all travellers to Kenya.

Family is at the core of this family run camp, and with that Ross and Caro are on site to host all guests, regaling tales of safaris today, but also historically, Willie Roberts, Caro’s father, has hosted people from all walks of life – including royalty in the early days of safaris in Kenya. Coming to Mobile Expeditions is like coming home, you will be made to feel a part of the family.