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Skyler Mason

Once a novice in the U.S. based, family-owned business, to a leader in his own right, Skyler worked against all odds to create a legacy establishing sustainable jobs, opportunities and resources in local villages and communities across Kenya, while providing authentic and immersive excursions, breaking the surface of commercialized travel.

Having left his successful U.S. based, family-owned business in pursuit of a lifelong dream, Skyler Mason established his company, SKYIN, to connect people from around the world in a more authentic and immersive manner. Growing up traveling across Kenya since the age of 14, Skyler sought to share the wonder of exploring a country through the lens of a local while changing the paradigm of how society is impacted by tourism. From its inception, SKYIN supported local villages and communities by creating sustainable jobs and providing opportunities and resources to improve the daily life for its people. From immersing with indigenous tribal villages, connecting with highly vetted local host families, engaging at children’s schools and orphanages, sailing the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, uncovering the rich ancient slave trade history, to discovering exotic wildlife on safaris; SKYIN shows all the different nuances of Kenya in ways only a local could!

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