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Gareth van Wyk
Rohan Vos and Tiffany Thane-Vos, Rovos Rail

Tiffany Vos-Thane and Rohan Vos, Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail will be celebrating its 35th birthday this year  – an incredible milestone for this proudly South African, family business that has been a glowing example of persistence, hard work and an enduring passion for rail travel.  For three and half decades Rovos has taken great pride in transporting guests back in time as it traverses Southern Africa = all the while keeping an eye on sustainability initiatives to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

In the coming weeks, COO Tiffany Vos-Thane and the Vos family will be taking a walk down memory lane to share some of the fascinating stories, challenges and successes along the way since that very first departure on 29 April 1989, consisting of a locomotive and seven carriages and bound for the eastern Transvaal with just four paying passengers and a handful of friends and journalists.

To read more about their founding story –  including how a meeting at WTM with Jules Verne and an article on the Sunday Telegraph literally saved the train from bankruptcy in the early nineties as well as their current journeys!

The locomotive named after Tiffany, forming part of Rovos Rail’s rich history.